Time to Invent is a great way to teach kids about invention. Kids love Time to Invent because they:

Learn about the club, and see what kids invent!
  • tackle fun challenges
  • gain confidence through inventing and creative problem-solving
  • meet professionals who spark their interest in science and engineering
  • realize the impact invention has on daily life

Designed as an afterschool club, the Time to Invent activities can work in any educational setting. A Time to Invent club is a collaborative effort. To start a club, form a team of afterschool staff and mentors (professionals and college students with backgrounds in science and engineering).

  • The afterschool staff provide a connection to the kids, families, and afterschool.
  • Mentors lead activities and introduce kids to invention and technical careers.

 “I had a blast inspiring kids to explore invention, science, and engineering. I only wish there had been a program like this when I was younger.” Kate L., mentor, Indianapolis, IN To learn more about a Time to Invent club, go to the Overview page.

Time to Invent

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